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Massage Oil and Balm  

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Massage Oil and Balm

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Yellow Thai Healing Oil  (Chiang Mai)

Yellow Thai Healing Oil (Chiang Mai)

Yellow Thai Healing Oil
Chiang Mai Temple
30ml Bottle

The secret ingredients and the methods used to produce Yellow Thai healing oil are closely guarded secrets and these techniques have been handed down from generation to generation of Monks in Chiang Mai. 

For the relief of muscular aches and pains, strains, sprains, cramp, palsy, nasal congestion, sinus, tooth ache, stomach ache, ear ache, thyroids, bruising, burns, cuts, inflammation, haemorrhoids, insect bites, wasp bite, cold sores, sports injuries, sport warm up, tight muscles, back pain, knee pain, ligament damage and pain, etc. 

Euro 9.82

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WataPo Cassumunar Balm

WataPo Cassumunar Balm

WataPo Cassumunar Balm
Thai Healing Balm
50 Gram Tub

Watapo Cassumunar Balm is a cooling balm that leaves no burning effect on the skin. For the relief of Haemorrhoids, Insect Bites, Sports Injuries, Post-Sport Aches, Muscular Pain, Strains and Sprains, or just use to sooth and relieve a tired or aching Body.

Euro 13.50

Stock: 100